Sleepnumber Bed: Delivery

We just took delivery of a queen size, model P5 with the Fit2 base and the dual temperature control.

Review of the bed itself will be forth-coming after we have had time to use it for a while.

The delivery process:

  • After the purchase the store called us to let us know everything was in order.
  • The next business day the store called again to arrange delivery.
  • Two business days before the delivery. Received an automated call giving us the delivery window (it was a 4 hour window).
  • The day of the delivery the driver called and verified the delivery time window.
  • The driver called when he finished up the appointment before me with an ETA.
  • Driver arrived 20 min early.
  • Installers wore protective booties in the house.
  • They removed trash as they made it.
  • I was taught the basics after the bed was set up.
  • They departed in approximately 40 minutes.

I do not think product deliveries get much better than this. I can not recall the last time any company showed up before or even close to the beginning of the appointment window. Sleepnumber kept me in the loop the whole time and I did not have to call them. I liked the fact the installers surveyed the room before bringing the product in. I was happy the trash went out quickly. One of the installers was a new hire but his mentor was there watching and instructing. Setup was quick, basic instruction easy and documentation was explained. If the bed is as good as the delivery, that will be fantastic.

More to come.

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