Fall is here..

Taking a small break from school. I plan to start again in December. one month of my break is gone. I have put much of my time into getting rid of things and doing some projects I have been waiting to do. I still have much more left but that will be the case until I lose my mortal coil. 

The cool autumn smell is in the air. This is my favorite time of year. I remember Halloween, apple cider and my allergies finally letting off until spring. Not so much an issue nowadays but they were a killer back then.

The only thing I miss about Upstate NY is the holiday season. From labor day until the end of January I was in good spirits. I do miss the white Christmas of my youth ( I honestly cannot remember one that wasn’t).

I prefer the stable average temperature of WA state and I love overcast days here. The apple cider is not as good as NY.  This is strange since we are known for apples. I have been told that the pasteurization process has killed that nice bite it had back then. Oh well…

This year I am going to enjoy more than normal I have much to be grateful for. Cheers!

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