No slowing down..

The pace continues to quicken, or am I just getting slower.

Hard to tell when you’re in it. In your fish bowl of reality.

Things you observe from others they cannot see. Things others observe by peeking into your bowl you, yourself are oblivious to.

When you’re in your own fish bowl it is hard to be objective. When on the outside looking into another bowl it is plain as day.

Say something or plant the seed or hint if you see a bowl teetering on the edge of impending doom.

For it is easier to adjust that bowl back away from the edge than it is to rescue the fish and help pick up the jagged shards of their once secure reality.

By doing nothing you have still made a choice. That choice is to ignore and leave it to fate. By doing something they may chastise you, but it still may give them pause and shift to better foothold. You may save them and they still may rebuke you or thank you.

Which of these would you rather live with?

No slowing down, life is relative, young or old you move forward through the maze of fish bowls. Look in on the ones close to you and try and nudge them back to safety, adjust the temperature of their reality, help clean the glass, etc… if you can or allowed to do so.

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